Christmas Cracker

Christmas CackerChristmas Cracker



Join our Christmas Cracker Kick Start Eating Plan! ( I don't want to use the word diet or detox as its a lifestyle! )

This is an online Facebook group in which everyone can share recipes and tips. So many people are uneducated about food and nutrition and I want to help give you ladies information about what foods are the best for you to reach your goals! 󾌵 and maybe even help you get into and feel amazing in your Christmas party dress! I will also be giving nutritional information, uploading videos and giving exercise challenges each day!

I ran this program 2 years ago with excellent results! This year I KNOW we can be even better!!!!

So if you want to join it is only £19.99 for 6 weeks leading up to Christmas.  

 Click the payment button and send me your email so I can get your started and linked into the group.  So what have you got to lose except lbs??!! So sign up join us and LETS GET CRACKING!!!!!