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Meet the Team & my Story...fat laura

Hi Girlies

I’m Laura  the owner of FitnessChicks and I am so excited to be writing this for every woman out there who hates exercise or feels like they have tried every diet "but nothing works".   I’m here to tell you that you are wrong!   

I used to be very overweight. I have lost a total of 5 1/2 stone through changing my eating and exercise. When I was younger if you had mentioned exercise to me I would have had a tantrum at the thought of it - but now it’s my life, I love it and just can’t get enough! :)

I was on holiday with my friend, and while she looked beautiful strutting around the pool in her bikini, I lay on my sun lounger praying no one would look at me and when I came home from the holiday, saw the pictures and just knew I had to do something to stop looking and feeliing  the way I did! It was my light bulb moment.

So... I joined the gym... terrified I went by myself and went to the furthest away treadmill and basically camped out for the next 3 years. It was so hard at first but then it became easier and I started to enjoy it . I even went to a class by myself which was a huge personal achievement for me as I found this terrifying and worried that everyone would look at me and be really good at the class, but I survived and really enjoyed it and went to classes all the time!  Now I have lost the weight, teach classes and I’m running my own fitness business!!
Ladies, I’m not telling you to go and do the same, but if there is any part of you that felt as miserable as I did and you want to change the way you look and feel.... but are too scared to take that step….  YOU need to come to FitnessChicks.  I wish there was a FitnessChicks open when I needed motivation to get out there and off the couch!!  At FitnessChicks we do not judge anyone and the fact you are thinking of coming along just shows how brave you can be. We will be here to support you through your journey of getting the body you want and learning to love yourself for who you are. If we can help you in any way to feel happier and more confident that is what we are here to do. At FitnessChicks we understand and are here to help you all the way!
Thanks for reading my wee blog :)
Love Laura xx 



Laura Westwater - Owner of FitnessChicks 

I Love FitnessChicks and I love helping women feel good about themselves whilst having fun.  Ive been there myself and know how hard it is to get the motivation and the confidence to change your body! but I have made it my mission to help women get fit and have fun and feel comfortable.  I love all the girls who come to FitnessChicks and it is my absolute pleasure to help everyone meet their personal goals :)


Lots of Love!!! xxxxxx

Roxy Davie - Fitness Instructor My dream job has alwaysbeen to be a fitness instructor.  I am qualified in dance and fitness and I love making people feel good about themselves.  Everyone at FitnessChicks is so nice and you are guaranteed to make friends and have great fun at our classes :) x

Heather Crossling - Fitness Instructor

Louise Maloy - Fitness Instructor - Great club, great classes, geat chicks and members!