FITChick Bootcamp (4 weeks)

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Welcome to our 4 week Bootcamp Programme.   We welcome women of all ages who want to improve their health, fitness, performance, tone, feel fabby and improve self - esteem through our sessions.

At our Bootcamps no one shouts, makes you do anything you don’t want to do or single you out. These sessions are hard work but we make sure you go at your own pace and challenge yourself in the way you feel comfortable doing.

These Bootcamps have been developed and designed specifically for all fitness levels, TheFitChick Bootcamp is a FULL BODY WORKOUT leaving no area untouched and making sure you leave your session feeling fabulously worked and sparkling from the inside to out. The Bootcamps last 40 - 50 minutes so all you busy ladies can make sure you can fit exercise in to your life. Over the 4 weeks you will see improvements in your general fitness, strength, stamina and core strength.

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Join us at the following locations(Please make sure you are at your location on time for the class to begin and ready to warm up.  All outdoor classes will run in sunshine, rain, snow (we would not run the classes if extremely icey, if unsure get in contact to check).  This is included in our Platinum Membership so when booking select "pay later".

Venue/ Place to Meet?






The Meadows

Meet at The Pavilion Cafe (just of jaw bone walk) 

8.35 - 9.25am Every Saturday starting 20th July - 10th August  




What do I wear/ bring along?  Make sure you wear comfy workout gear and suitable footwear (eg trainers) - we supply all the equiptment and so just bring yourself & water.