Drop the Wobble

drop wobble logoAre you ready to lose weight and FEEL FANDABBYLICIOUS ?

This Drop the Wobble Challenge is a combination of the very latest scientific fitness and nutrition research. This plan is based on simple, clean & healthy eating which will help you lose that dress size quickly and give you the motivation to keep going and lose LOTS of inches in only 2 weeks!! Don’t believe me - Try IT.

drop the wobble tummyAre you wondering how it works?
This plan will all be done on a secret Facebook page so you must have Facebook to take part. Once purchased you will be invited to a secret group and will have access to inspiring and encouraging videos daily.

So what is included in our Drop The Wobble Online Package ? 


  • Guaranteed weight loss
  • 14 day SIMPLE & FAMILY FRIENDLY lifestyle & detox plan guaranteed to help you lose inches if you stck to it and give 100%
  • 5 day lead in to the detox so you can get yourself ready and can plan the 14 days so you feel equipped and ready to go!
  • Fitness Testing Before & After.
  • Daily help, encouragement and contact via your Facebook Drop the Wobble Community.
  • BRAND NEW Daily 10 minute workouts from Top Edinburgh Fitness Instructors - which will help you burn calories all day!
  • Online Big Recipe Book with lots of ideas so you are never left hungry. 

Look at the results our ladies have lost just by doing it online 

  • " have lost 7pounds altogether over the 2 weeks and a wee bit of the inches front- most impressive being 1 1/2 off my waist”
  • "I have lost 6 pounds and about 6 inches. More importantly I feel more comfortable in my body!"
  • "I managed to lose 6lbs in total! Dropped 4 inches!"
  • "Have lost 8lbs ....and about 5" in total."
  • "in total lost 9lbs and 8 inches"
  • "I have lost 6lbs and just under an inch on both arms - no complaints there and overall improvements on the
  • fitness test."
  • "Hi Sarah 6.5lbs for me and lots of inches. Delighted. Thanks.:-)"
  • "am amazed Ive lost 9 llbs altogether "
  • "lost nearly 6 lbs in total. 2 inches on waist and 1 inch on hips and each thigh. Very pleased"
  • "Bestest diet ever I'm addicted!! I've lost 11 pound so far :)"


Are you ready? YES!!

(FC MEMBERS!!  This is included in membership - please email info@fitnesschicks.co.uk if you would like to join - do not purchase below if a member) 

For more informarion please contact info@fitnesschicks.co.uk

What do you need to do?

  • To do this and take part you must have a facebook page. 
  • Make sure you give yourself at least 3 - 4 days to plan (this will be done our secret facebook page)
  • Give 100% (this is how you will get results)
  • Open your mind and be prepared to learn!!
  • Once you have signed up you will be directed to the secret page.



  Dream It... Do It... Be It