Buddy Personal Training



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 With our Buddy Training package, you can spend time with your friend/mother/daughter (even a bridal party – get in shape for the big day!) in a safe environment where no one will judge you and you will be encouraged to succeed in your fitness goals.  Everything will be to your level, so there is no need to be scared about starting from the beginning – everyone has to start somewhere! It can also be a nice bonding experience if you want to lose weight, but feel too shy to do it on your own.  So grab your friend and lose the wobbly bits together whilst spending time and having fun!


 Our Personal Training costs:

2 people  3-4 people 5-6 people
1 session: £55 1 session: £75 1 session: £125 
5 sessions: £210 5 sessions: £315 5 sessions: £565
10 sessions: £410         10 sessions: £615  10 sessions: £1115



Buddy Personal Training



                                     To find out more phone FitnessChicks on 0131 229 1619

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